14 Surprising tourist destinations across England and the United Kingdom – by Shay Eliav

A visit to London has become almost synonymous with a vacation in Britain, but many forget that this magnificent country has a huge variety of tourist attractions – from virgin beaches through picturesque towns to magnificent forests and archaeological sites. Join the journey following 14 unique destinations in England and across the UK, each providing visitors with a different experience. So instead of making do with shopping and museums, discover the amazing places that together bring a sense of a world-wide journey full of possibilities.

1. Cockington Village – a fairy-tale vacationcockington
This charming village was given the title of “picturesque village of fairy tales” by virtue of its patronage. Every step along the narrow green lanes around this tiny village, located in the south of England, feels like walking in a beautiful fairy tale. Water mills, natural and clear pools and colorful trees await visitors to this special place, which offers a traditional English experience in all its splendor.

2. The New Forest – spectacular nature and wild animalsNew forest
A few hours’ drive from London is the New Forest, a magical nature reserve that allows tourists a short respite from the stormy life of the big city. You can visit amazing natural parks and endless botanical gardens, and meet many wildlife, including the ponies that have become the symbol of this unforgettable place. For those who want to spend the night in the amazing forest, there is a rich variety of boutique hotels in the area, along with many possibilities for sleeping in the area and renting caravans and wooden cabins.

3. Bamburgh – a wild and powerful beachbamburgh
“The dramatic beach” is the nickname given to this intriguing tourist destination thanks to its castles, among the most famous and impressive in the UK, which stand beside huge sand dunes and tiny stone houses. All of which adorn the place and give it a dramatic touch of a fascinating period film. The visit to the area combines a combination of magnificent antiques, wild beaches and impressive cliffs that enable you to see the many natural wonders surrounding the area, including small islands and colorful rocks. Bamburgh is located not far from Edinburgh, the capital of the Scottish Autonomous Region and a destination in itself.

4. Castletown – a short visit in the Middle Agescastletown
A riverbank filled with modest huts and colorful stones awaits visitors in Isle Of Man, which the tour feels like a fascinating journey into the past. Along with the modest harbor and ancient stone houses, you can tour a huge castle, one of the most famous and impressive in Europe, to visit a museum that tells the city’s fascinating and long story, to experience the rich nightlife culture of the locals and to explore the beaches and the impressive cliffs that cover the island.

5. Cardiff – A lively and glowing nightlifecardiff
While London has long since become a city with an international atmosphere, spending time in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, you can enjoy an authentic and well-preserved British experience. The city of Cardiff combines rich nightlife, tempting shopping centers, historic buildings, castles and stunning beaches – all in one place. The city has become an important part of Britain’s nightlife world and offers an endless range of options – shows, shows, restaurants and attractions such as a romantic cruise or a carriage ride around the city.

6. Cornwall – a fascinating archaeological tourcornwall
The lovers of archeology and nature will enjoy an unforgettable experience in Cornwall thanks to the unique combination of wild and exotic landscapes and the world’s most important archaeological discoveries. According to British tradition, King Arthur was born in this region, where he established the city of Kamelot – the home of the Knights of the Round Table. It was also the background to the legend of Tristan and Isolde – a tragedy that is one of the most important milestones in British literature. Each rock in this magical place tells a different story and every walking trail presents another exciting new layer of the environment. The largest city in Cornwall is Truro, but there are many more small villages and nightclubs where you can spend a relaxing and pampering night.

7. Dorest – unspoiled and sunny beachesdorest
But you may still forget everything you thought about this surprising country when you visit Dorset, a province in the south of the country where the stunning beaches do not shame the most sought after resorts in Europe. During the vacation you can relax in the city of Weymouth and enjoy museums and a rich supply of concerts, restaurants and lively bars, or rent a caravan and explore the countless amazing beaches and forests of this green country.

8. Drummore – a fascinating encounter between Europe and Arab culturesdrummore
Morocco may not be considered a popular tourist destination among Israelis, but its special charm awaits you in Drumur, a charming little tourist village in the northwest of Britain. Although the population of the place is entirely Christian, the design of the tiny houses, the modest fishing boats and the picturesque streets are reminiscent of an ancient Arab village. However, the simplicity of the village does not harm the many activities offered to tourists, such as experiential tours, water sports and a visit to an ancient castle and historical buildings.

9. Glencoe – wild mountain rangesglencoe
If you’ve always wanted to visit the vast Himalayas, but were afraid to deal with the dangers that come with it, a trip to Glasgow, Glasgow, will give you exactly the experience you’re looking for. This small tourist village offers a variety of excursions in its beautiful mountain range, along with a visit to amazing lakes and huge falls that are entwined with fascinating historical stories and served as the backdrop for many legends. The unique landscape of this area changes completely in every season and ensures a vacation full of experiences without a dull moment.

10. Brighton – the surprising alternative to Londonbrighton
More than its spectacular beaches, more than its lively and colorful urban life, Brighton boasts a successful combination of each of the elements of the perfect holiday. Everyone in Brighton will find what they are looking for on vacation – from a relaxing retreat through art museums and history to a variety of entertainment and nightlife venues – one of the most successful in England. All this and more awaits you within a 50-minute drive from London and is an unforgettable experience when visiting the area.

11. Isle of Wight – a relaxing retreat from the big cityisle of wight
If you are tired of the great city experience and need some peace and quiet, this is exactly what you will find on this island, a two-hour drive from London and a short ferry ride. The island is a perfect retreat where you can enjoy tranquil and secluded beaches, a magical cruise, unique art exhibitions and a rich variety of activities for children including museums, parks and various activities. Visitors to the site are advised to take a bike trip and also experience a variety of water sports.

12. Tenby – Experience all of Britain in a small waytenby
This small town provides a concentrated and idealized experience of Britain in all its varieties and characteristics. The colorful houses that stand out from the distance, the quiet beaches and the impressive castles create the perfect combination of everything the British holiday has to offer. The town has even been dubbed “Little England beyond Wales” and is a popular tourist destination that is less known to the international audience, especially among the British.

13. Staffa – an exotic experience in Europestaffa
Amazing and rare basalt pillars, along with lakes, cliffs, magical tunnels and breathtaking views await visitors to this island, which gives the UK a surprising sense of a trip to the remote Caribbean. The special basalt columns in the island also gave it the nickname “island of columns”, and its visit is a real paradise for nature and animal lovers, especially for rare sea birds like penguins, pelicans and flamingoes.

14. Portmeirion – “British Italy”protmierion
Although this small village is on the west coast of England, the visit feels like a holiday in a classic Italian town, thanks to its architectural features inspired by Italian culture at the turn of the century. Colorful and colorful houses alongside noble buildings of noble families cover the village alongside botanical gardens, magnificent palace and stone buildings that give the place a beauty that is the perfect combination between preserving the past and progress in all their glory.

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