6 amazing benefits and 4 superb watercress recipes – by Rachel Mansharov

Green vegetables with leaves are very healthy, and there are several stars that are considered “super foods” and have health benefits that put them at the top of the list of foods recommended for eating. Such a healthy star, which not everyone has come to know, is the grain of streams that can be bought in markets and supermarkets, and will certainly do wonders in your life. The watercress is a herbaceous plant that grows in a humid environment and can be eaten on its leaves, flowers and stems. This wonderful plant has small fleshy leaves that taste the mustard, and can be combined with a variety of recipes, not just salads. The 6 amazing qualities of the Watercress will introduce you to this great little food with great benefits, and then you will also get to know some excellent recipes you can prepare with it.

1. Lower cholesterol levels
Our bodies need cholesterol in certain amounts to function properly, but many of us eat many foods that are rich in this component, which causes problems in blood vessels and the heart. The accumulation of LDL cholesterol causes it to sink into the blood vessels and block normal blood flow, which increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes, coronary heart disease, and more. It is important to “clean” this cholesterol from the bloodstream, which is exactly what the rivergale does! This green plant contains large amounts of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that corrects the oxidation damage caused by cholesterol, and the watercress also helps to lower blood levels, especially to ward off the negative effects of LDL cholesterol.


2. Helps maintain proper pregnancy
Folic acid is essential to the body when it comes to proper cell division, and is more important during pregnancy. In the months of pregnancy, fetal cells develop rapidly, and it is essential that they do so normally, which is due to folic acid. The watercress contains large amounts of this important acid, so it is recommended to incorporate the diet of pregnant women, which need an addition during this period.

3. Natural antidepressant
Apart from action in maintaining proper pregnancy, folic acid also plays a key role in preventing or improving conditions of depression. In a meta-analysis of 19 studies, researchers found that low levels of folic acid are associated with depression, as seen in more than 15,000 subjects. Therefore, consumption of folic acid at the necessary levels is essential for improving mood and depression. This is because the acid participates in the pathway to create the neurotransmitter serotonin, which improves overall mood and thus helps to prevent depression, which many people currently suffer from.

4. Reducing the risk of childhood asthma
Many children develop asthma for various reasons, making it difficult for them to exercise and other things their peers do. These conditions can be prevented by improving nutrition and adding essential nutrients and vitamins in the amounts to be consumed each day. The high content of vitamins in the watercress makes children with asthma experience a reduction in the symptoms of the disease, allowing them to enjoy the girls and participate in fun activities without fearing that they will have an unpleasant breathlessness.


5. Reducing the risk of osteoporosis
As the years pass, bone density decreases, making them particularly vulnerable to injuries and fractures. One of the best ways to prevent this is by increasing calcium intake, which not only contributes to bone strengthening, but also helps create new osteoblasts that replace those who have “aged” and become vulnerable. In one cup (34 grams) of the watercress there is more calcium than milk in the same quantity! Adding this wonderful ingredient to your daily diet will help you strengthen your bones and enjoy lasting health even in the later decades of life.

6. Prevention and delay of cancerous procedures
The watercress helps prevent lung, breast, and colon cancer damage by virtue of a host of traits that make it eligible for the nickname “super food.” The green plant helps repair DNA damage caused by white blood cells, which are needed for a pandemic to fight disease, and it is filled with phytonutrients that help prevent breast cancer recurrence and prevent cell damage and uncontrolled culture. Repel the specified cancers, and make the watercress natural food that should be consumed on a weekly basis at least.

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Recipes with watercress:
In addition to a wonderful and refreshing addition to salads, you can use the grain of streams while a variety of simple recipes that require a few components and investment time, but they have many advantages that are definitely worth a few minutes of preparation.

1. Pesto
Pesto is a wonderful sauce that can be used in the preparation of a variety of dishes, sandwiches, pasta dishes and more. You can make a special version of the watercress by brewing 6 cups of watercress in a pot of boiling water and salted for a minute. After making the decision, place the watercress in a bowl of ice water, remove and drain excess water, and put in a food processor with 1 cup olive oil, glass cup roasted almonds, 4 garlic cloves and 2 lemon juice. Turn on the food processor and mix until smooth. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to your liking, and here you have an exceptionally tasty and healthy sauce.

2. Soup
Soup can be eaten not only on cold winter days, but also in summer, and surprisingly it even helps to cool the body! To enjoy the watermelon broth, fry in a medium saucepan and medium heat in one onion, chopped in 3 tablespoons of butter. Add 6 cups of water and 450 grams of diced potatoes to the pot and cook until the potatoes soften. Remove the pot from the flame and add 225 grams of watercress and 150 grams of green peas, and mix until the watercress softens. Place a food processor and mix in a smooth, tasty mixture.


3. Health shake
In recent years, more and more people are starting the day or finishing it with a health shake, and a stream of grain is definitely an ingredient you want to add to your daily drink. In order to do this, put a handful of watercress into the food processor, a small piece of ginger, apple and fresh lemon juice to taste. Mix up and see how green colors paint your life in health. You can vary the shake with a cucumber or a few mint leaves, which will add a wonderful layer of flavor.

4. Omelette
Omelette is the exact thing you need to feel full and energized, and you can prepare it in just a few minutes. For the oatmeal, you will need to heat 1 tablespoon of oil and lightly saute 1 clove of crushed garlic. Add 1 cup of watercress without the stalks, mix until the leaves soften, add 2 large beaten eggs, salt and pepper to taste, and fry until desired.

Main image source: Wendell Smith