12 tips and tricks that will make you particularly photogenic – by Tal Noor

Whether you are taking a Salafi image or being at an event where there is a professional photographer, we all want to look at our best in the photographs and produce a flattering record of ourselves that will stay with us for a long time. There are people who say they are simply photogenic, and in every angle and in every mirror the camera seems to love them and they always look wonderful. But this is not an innate quality or destiny, and the way to achieve the same result for yourself is to discover some simple, easy-to-implement tricks and tips that will make you particularly attractive. So prepare the cutters, smile and we start!

selfie alone

1. Stand in front of a white wall
Professional cameras and advanced cameras that exist in our smartphones have photo settings that change automatically if you mark them like this. White Balance settings are designed to balance the colors that appear in the photo by the source of the white color the camera recognizes. If you stand in front of a white wall, the camera will match the colors in your mouth, making your skin look beautiful instead of yellowish or too pink.

2. Avoid double chin sight
The fear of the double chin chases every imaginable pose, whether it is thin or full. Many people try to take pictures from elevated angles to hide their double chin from the camera, but if someone else takes a picture of you and you have no control over the angle of the shot, the next tip to remove a double chin will work like magic. All you have to do is lengthen your neck up and put your face forward slightly toward the camera – the double chin will disappear.


3. Roll the lashes and fill the eyebrows with makeup
Eyes are a very important element in the beauty of our faces, and any investment in their cultivation and makeup will produce wonderful results in photography. Larger, more prominent eyes take a much better picture and make us look young and attractive. Before taking a photo, spend a little time curling your lashes with a professional eyelash circle and applying a good mascara. Women tend not to give a second thought to their backs and ignore some full, full-grown eyebrows that change the appearance of their faces from one extreme to the other. So, use a silhouette or makeup pencil to match the color of your eyebrows to fill and frame them – and you will not believe how conspicuous they will be.

4. Look at the light before taking a picture
After you have invested in a great performance, you have chosen a flattering photo angle, stood by your friends and raised a wide smile on your face – there is a chance that when you see the result you will find that the investment has been destroyed because you were photographed with red eyes. This is caused by the flash back from the back of the retina filled with blood vessels, and to avoid it, try to look at bright light just before you are photographed so your pupils will shrink and reduce the light reflections from the retina.


5. Add shine to your hair and lips
When it comes to images, there are areas that are best kept without glare, and there are areas that should be highlighted with some eye-catching glint. Your face is preferred to cover well so that they do not return light. The lips and hair, on the other hand, should shine brightly to make them more photogenic. For your lips, choose a bright red color that will accentuate your facial features, and apply a lotion or gel to your hair to make it look and feel healthy and healthy.

6. Match your makeup to your skin tone
The flash of the camera “sheds light on our photography, and is necessary for all situations in which we do not take pictures in daylight or illuminated places, but despite its advantages in lightening our facial features, the flash can also detract from and reveal defects and makeup mistakes. Women who use a makeup shade that does not match their skin – whether light or too dark – will find that the flash has made the mismatch unobtrusive. Therefore, when you adjust your makeup, it is important that you choose the one that suits your skin.

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7. Avoid blink of the eyes
If you’re notorious for people who blink in photos and seem to be always seen as sleeping, the next tip will be especially useful for you and will suit situations where someone else takes your picture. Ask the photographer to count up to 3 before filming, and close your eyes when he reaches number 2, for a moment. Slowly open your eyes as soon as the photographer announces the number 3, thus avoiding a blink of record for eternity.

8. Control your smile
People tend to think that the bigger their smile, the better their picture will be and they can always remember how happy they were at the event they attended. The problem is that a smile too big may seem stupid and foolish. To control the width of your smile, put your tongue behind your lower teeth and get the perfect smile for the pictures. As soon as the camera finishes recording you, you are free to smile as much as you like.

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9. Do not stand directly under the light
If you actually see a famous person you are used to watching through the screen, you will surely find that the celebrity looks great on television and more “human” in reality. This is because the great secret of looking great in photos is the correct lighting, so you should stick to some basic rules on this matter when you are taking a photo to get a particularly flattering result. In order to avoid the unflattering shading of your face, do not stand directly under the light and will always be photographed in front of the light source, with the preference of wide and non-specific light.

10. Take a photo at eye level or at an elevated angle
Anyone who has taken a Salafi picture of his life knows that one of the rules for Salafi is to photograph him from an elevated angle or at eye level, but never from below. Whether you hold out your hand with your smartphone away from the body or use a slippery stick – be sure to photograph yourself from the angle you most compliment. A high-angle shot will make you look thinner and hide a double chin, and a photo from your eye level will look more authentic and accessible. If you are photographed by another photographer, especially if he is shorter than you, be sure not to shoot you from a low angle from your eyes.

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11. Avoid fake smile
It is not clear who decided that the best way to get a smile out of people is to ask them to say “cheesecake.” Not only is cheese not a very funny dish, the pronunciation of the word does not produce a beautiful and natural smile, but a forced smile and a little fake. In order to improve your smiling look in the pictures, you should try to remember something funny that happened to you and share it with others, so that you can paste the rest of your partners into the picture with an authentic smile.

12. Discover your beautiful side
Did you know that most people have one side that is better photographed on the other side of their faces? This is because we are not symmetrical creatures, and different sides of our faces are influenced by our sleeping posture and the mimicry of our faces, and therefore we have two sides of the face that look a bit different. To find out what your beautiful side is, hold a sheet of A4 paper vertically, cover it with half your face, and examine yourself against a mirror. After a few seconds, cover the other side of the face with the page and look in the mirror. The better part of you is that the sides of your eyes and lips are less drooping. If you tried the method and you are still debating – choose the left side, which has been shown in the studies as aesthetically pleasing.