8 advantages of self-talk – by Rachel Mansharov

Verbal communication with the people around us enables us to convey various messages in a simple way and to say what is on our hearts, and each of us needs the ear of a close person, or in some cases even a professional, but it turns out that self-talk also has many advantages. If you find yourself expressing your thoughts aloud at times and fearing that it is unusual, stop worrying. Self-talk has many wonderful aspects that can help you in a variety of surprising areas, and the following 8 benefits you will know will certainly prove this.


1. Keeping order
Sometimes we find ourselves performing a monologue when we are busy with different tasks, or when we try to sort ourselves out about the tasks we have to do, and such self-talk helps us to plan the things we need to do carefully and with attention to detail. According to Dr. Julia Brewer, a certified speech therapist, our brain can only perform one task at a time, although sometimes it seems to us that we are doing several things at once, in order to overcome this problem while we are busy with several different tasks, To ourselves unknowingly and actually organize the thoughts and tasks that flood our heads.

2. Language learning for small children
The brains of little children is like a sponge absorbing everything they see and hear in an unusual way. In order for them to develop their language skills, it is important that they hear different words every day and learn how to pronounce them. Talking to yourself in your child’s environment can help to do just that, and they will certainly be able to learn a few words while you speak to yourself. Feel free to express your thoughts aloud to your children, and do not be afraid that this is unusual, but on the contrary – it will only help them.


3. Find items more quickly
We all sometimes lose certain items in our environment such as car keys or home, mobile phones and the like. The search for them takes quite a bit of time, but you can shorten it considerably if you talk to yourself aloud! In a study published in 2012, researchers found that subjects who spoke to themselves and kept repeating the name of the item they were looking for found it faster than subjects who did not. So the next time you look for something, name it and ask where it is if you want to find it soon.

4. Understanding goals
Sometimes we come to conclusions only after we express ourselves verbally and say what is on our hearts, and in this case self-talk can have an amazing effect of self-fulfilling prophecy. According to psychologists, when we talk about certain goals or try to find them, it is easier for us to imagine different scenarios that can happen as a result of our actions, and we can make more informed decisions. Self-talk and expression of thoughts and desires will help you focus your thoughts on a particular goal and also think about how you can achieve it for yourself.


5. Stress relief
When we encounter situations that cause stress, speech can help us to a great extent when it comes to processing the emotions and relieving the tensions we experience. According to Dr. Brewer, the sound of our voice helps us to feel more confident in ourselves and to feel that things we fear are not so terrible.Therefore, self-talk is a simple and excellent tool for relieving tensions and releasing negative thoughts that evaporate as soon as you put them into the world .

6. Solve problems independently
We all have an urge to contact people who are close to us when it comes to solving problems, but it can hurt our judgment and our sense of independence. Conversely, when you talk to yourself about a particular issue that you are trying to find a solution, it is easier to solve it independently, which reinforces your confidence, which will help you solve other problems that may arise in the future without outside help.


7. Knowledge of our character
There are times in life in which we surprise ourselves in an unusual way, and discover things about our character that we did not think we had. This type of self-study and study is a whole-life process, and self-talk helps the task wonderfully. In your conversations with yourself, things are sometimes revealed that you would never have thought of in a different way, and it is a wonderful and healthy way to learn about the person you spend a lifetime with. This is a particularly useful key to self-exploration and discovering what we are capable of.

8. Increased intelligence
Speaking to yourself can help you to be especially wise because you deal with things literally and directly. Brain information processing is done much more effectively when you voice your thoughts aloud, and it helps keep your brain sharp and do things more intelligently. However, it is important that your self-talk takes place on a positive note and that you do not challenge yourself for mistakes you make sometimes. Do not call yourself derogatory names or express negative words about yourself because it will only harm you and your self-confidence.