25 stunning images of Sony’s picture contest

There are people who look around them and see unusual things they do not need to devote special attention, and on the other hand there are people notice beauty everywhere, and with camera in hand, they record things that remain hidden in the eyes of others. Professional photographers and amateurs take part in this type of photography competitions worldwide, one of which is the annual competition of Sony, thousands sign up to it every year. The competition, divided into different categories such as nature, travel, sports and more, picking up her most beautiful pictures taken during the past year, and before you 25 finalists for the 2017 Spectacular images captured at precise moments beautifully displaying not only the talents of photographers, but also the magic hidden in every has just asking to be discovered.

1. Rob Wilson, Canada, travel categoryb6e38be5-0aa8-4d18-9936-5ae5522b6b3d

2. R. Andrea’s, Sweden, wild life4c8438b6-3c02-4f58-a9b8-7cd9a2f638c

3. Francesco Russo, Italy, category of the natural world8a401d1a-6af5-4465-b58e-2b0336ba2036

4. Zhu Jiang, China, Travel Categoryad79476f-650e-449c-981f-7673b1c3829d

5. Lars Siooars, Sweden, Architecture category38dd0585-4d17-4456-aae7-933f2bed4274

6. Sooafnil Dsfndh, India, Category Travela328b6ae-4aa0-494e-b09d-fd52eb123675

7. Tom Jacoby, Germany, Landscapes categoryb2ceff37-2008-4421-967e-ca33813c3320

8. S. Meng Hua, Singapore, Architecture category473cee15-e11e-4b53-b754-71832f681f64

9. Aoktai Sobasi, Turkey, traffic categoryc0efc293-3170-4e06-9609-76a4e9d66a4a

10. Jianguo Gong, China, Category Culture4d1b7525-9db7-4bfa-b2e6-d7558d1a653e

11. Pin Luo Ji, China, Sports categoryc231d410-62d6-4efd-bca6-d1db719fb3b2

12. Crsitinh Romlt, Germany, houses the natural worlda10679da-f26b-4a28-990e-2164b014c783

13. Christian Wessely, Mexico, Natural World categorye213b9ac-45e3-461e-b485-e4e0501270b9

14. Michal Flhth, Poland, culture category91de1e01-e6e5-47f5-99b2-4fba360dbbe5

15. Pin Luo Ji, China, Sports category24c05c76-2e18-4d31-8930-12599311d65a

16. Olga Cinco, Russia, category traffic491debc7-a404-4354-93b9-7be2c3cb01de

17. Tim Kornbil, United Kingdom, Category Architecture8cba1586-4233-40d4-ae38-e45795e88431

18. Frederick Boiks, Belgium, landscape categoryff9fecb3-868e-4483-9214-36d39617ab0e

19. Jozia Duo, China, Beauty category6e5420a7-7b01-471d-b208-b11bfd043e9d

20. Christian Wessely, Mexico, Natural World categoryb9d24c94-c7dd-494b-9ce5-9a176299bd14

21. Fang’ing him, China Travel category47a3f3c3-767d-4d19-b786-88a52d794e78

22. Will Borrd Lucas, UK, Natural World category68d54f18-2392-4396-b032-0c3f4c5c909f

23. Placido Farandh, Italy, travel categorycf908a3b-659c-4cf6-9d7e-7251c846e53b

24. Will Borrd Lucas, UK, Natural World category1b76ffe5-e0d1-434b-8f5f-d6306413cd60

25. *, Malaysia, the natural world category0d01b992-64f2-46f9-b1e2-1d5546e5ec17

Source photos: Boredpanda