Meet 10 causes the formation of kidney stones and how to avoid them – by Shay Eliav

Anyone who has suffered from kidney stones in the past must be wondering how something so small (usually) can cause so much pain. One in every 11 suffers from kidney stones during their lifetime, and once dogged him once, there is a 50% chance to come back again. Previously kidney stones, mainly affecting men, but studies in recent years show that the gender gap is reduced sufferers Following our food consumption habits. In the following article we will explain a little about the causes kidney stones and surprising them, which is recommended to you soon and will avoid them as much as possible if you wish not to suffer this unpleasant phenomenon.

What this basically kidney stones?
Most kidney stones are mineral blocks and stuck together form an urinary tract. Most of them consist mainly of uric acid and calcium oxalate in conjunction with, or in rare cases, in combination with calcium phosphate. The good news is that with a few changes in lifestyle and your diet, you can avoid kidney stones and returning them completely. You only need to know the 10 reasons and surprising factors for the generation and ways to avoid them:

kidney stone

1. you consume too little calcium
Since calcium is most kidney stones, completely removing our menu sounds like a logical decision, right? Well the answer is no, and fortunate that today we know this because in the past it was thought even doctors. Today, experts know that people who consume more calcium have lower risk of suffering from kidney stones than those who consume little calcium. Diet low in calcium causes a chemical oxalate, which attaches to calcium naturally through the gastrointestinal tract, urinary calcium to stick in place, so it creates the kidney stones.

2. You eat too many green leaves
It is important to eat healthy things and right, but sometimes even when we keep our health in the best way that seems to us, we find ourselves in a urologist’s office. This is again the chemical name of oxalate, which can be found in green leaves and beets. If you consume a lot of these types of vegetables, your body may start letting too high amount of oxalate, which is also in this case will have to stick urinary calcium. It is recommended to consult with a nutritionist to find substitutes for your healthy diet, cabbage Kale for example, is an excellent substitute.

3. You consume too much salt
Out of all the known physical problems that eating a high amount of salt can cause them, kidney stones recent phenomenon is probably on the list, but when salt intake in your body rises, it may cause your kidneys to excrete more calcium, which increases the risk of kidney stones. Experts recommend limiting salt intake to 2,300 milligrams a day, but for those who suffer from high blood pressure should consume even less – 1,500 milligrams a day.

4. You do not eat enough fruits Citrus
If you can not remember the last time you ate a lemon or grapefruit, consider adding them to your diet. Citrus fruits contain a compound called citrate, which experts believe it will help reduce the risk of kidney stones. In a study published in Nature in the US found that people usually avoided consumption of fruits and vegetables were able to reduce the amount of chemicals that cause kidney stones in their bodies after they started consuming citrus fruit juices. Try to add to your diet lemon water will help provide your body with many more additional benefits.

5. You eat too much meat
In a study published in 2014 American Journal of Nutrition Epidemiology found that people who refrain from consuming meat and eat mostly fish and vegetarian foods are 30-50% less likely to suffer from kidney stones than people who eat 100 grams of meat per day. People who eat meat anyway eat less fruit and vegetables than people who maintain a vegetarian diet, so they prevent themselves magnesium absorption which also helps prevent the formation of kidney stones.


6. You drink too much black tea
It turns out the popular black tea is a major source of oxalate, which can cause the formation of kidney stones. 2015 has been published in the New England Medical person’s case came to intensive care after kidney failure. It turns out that the man drank 16 cups daily volume of black tea 230 ml – 2 times the recommended amount per day. If you have suffered from kidney stones in the past advised not limit your consumption 230 ml serving of black tea a day.

7. You drink too many soft drinks
Fluid intake is the smartest way to avoid kidney stones, because that’s what we are “refreshing” their content regularly, but not all drinks are helping in this way. In a study published in 2013 found that drinking a sweet drink even one day may increase the risk of kidney stones by 23%. Researchers speculated that fructose does not (sugar) products were the sweetest causes an increase in the production of chemicals in the kidneys. Therefore it is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day and avoid sweet drinks, especially if this has already suffered from the disease previously.

8. Your parents have suffered from kidney stones
Do not rush to blame your parents, but if one of them suffered from kidney stones in the past, your chances of suffering which rises accordingly. This is obviously related to nutrition of your family with whom you have been raised, but there is also a biological relationship. Just as obesity or diabetes can be the result of gene defects, including oxalate absorption capacity is related to genes you received from Mom and Dad, so you should be aware of the medical history of your family and take care of proper nutrition accordingly.

9. You suffer from inflammatory bowel disease
People with inflammatory bowel disease tend to have more kidney stones than those who suffer from these diseases. Research has shown that these patients Crohn’s disease and ulcers are at risk. One reason is that these diseases often accompanied by diarrhea, which causes the body to lose many fluids. As a result, more vulnerable to kidney stone formation. Equally too frequent use of laxatives also is risk factor of developing kidney stones.

10. You weigh too much
The chances of overweight people develop kidney stones is higher by 35% than that of people in the normal weight range, according to a study published in 2011 in the magazine American urology. Researchers still are not sure about the reason, but they suspect that extra weight changes the content kidneys and their pH level and causes the stones to be an easier process.


In conclusion
To avoid kidney stones, among suffered by them in the past or not, you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day and worry about calcium intake according to the recommended daily amount (Ages 19-50: 1,000 mg for ages 51 and older: 1,200 mg). Moreover, avoid drinking soft drinks and multi salt intake. If you keep all these you can prevent yourself of this terrible disease, no one would want to suffer from the unpleasant and the pain it causes.

Source photos: erik gould, dfaulder