Many things in life are temporary, Peggy expiration, and can be completed or taken away, whether those years will never return, lost property and money, friends with whom contact was lost, a couple of them broke up and more. Whoever they feel the pain of this loss and express bitterness over what was once theirs or part of their lives and no longer, but if we open our eyes, we will discover that there are things that no one can take from us and are largely beyond our control data. In fact, if we look back to our childhoods, we find our spirits buds and our essence, accompanied us all along, and what you need is just to look at, recognize and celebrate the present. Learn about the 10 things that nobody can take from you, even in moments you feel you have lost everything.


1. Your unique
We are unique creatures and one twice as snowflakes, each of which is different and unique, although their number is infinite. Sanhedrin says “every one must say that the world was created for me,” this confusing Court may make us think coming from egocentricity and extravagance, but if we read the law in depth, we understand the responsibility and kindness that. If the world was created for me, so I have a responsibility and what it has been part of that responsibility is to live a full and complete, because everything was laid on earth for me. When we understand the unique concept we can distinguish Hysteria which is also inherent in us. We deserve happiness and success, not because of what we have or what we do, but for who we are – human beings are vulnerable, powerful, magical wrong.

2. Your self-image
Many mistakenly think low self-esteem is evidence of modesty, but the truth is that it was originally self-destruction. Our image comes from, inter alia, the adoption of the critical eye of the environment on us and takes us a long time to learn how not to judge ourselves from the perspective of others towards us. If we got to internalize that we never reveal our life and meaning, and to live life and dreams of others – we feel wide possibilities and wealth in our world. If you are busy thinking about what your parents expect you, whether boss appreciates you, and what you thought yesterday’s date, it is understandable, but unnecessary and, ultimately, just goes with you to your natural. Remember that you attract into your life better who to love and appreciate you the most natural version and it is not one relies on experience to please and accommodate yourself to situations and people.


3. Your Intuition
Many dilemmas we go in life, determined confused, without direction and are worried about the wrong decision. May we ask our relatives what to do, what suits us and what is “right” thing to choose. Many times when we decide one way or another, we find that his son had a tendency or a vague feeling that drew us in a certain direction and we ignored them, and sometimes we see in retrospect or in real time cues pushed us to choose from we did. As we will be more open and connected to ourselves, we will identify the messages that are sent to us with whom intuition, comes way for us to connect us. Never compare your journey, that of others and try to act like them. Buddhist monk named Matthew Rickard was declared Man of the happy world “, arguing that” human comparison to others, is the one that kills happiness. ” Remember that the answers to most dilemmas, are in us and look out for other people.

4. Your Passion
If ever there was a time to follow your passion and do something meaningful for you – That time is now. The journey discovering your passion will show you sometimes complicated and vague, it may even be shy to expose it to yourself, but if you allow you the freedom to live without self-criticism – destructive, and no barriers to social and cultural issues of what is supposedly worthy of you to do your rank, your age and character; you can discover the desires your. If you are dealing with something that makes you happy, debts and challenged, know that you touch your passions, and ripples of change you make will affect positively on your environment.


5. Your determination
Beginner writers hear every story should start experiencing hero struggle and resistance, as part of our growth source is the way to deal with pain. This does not mean that we have to look to ourselves suffering, we provide life challenges abound, some of them very painful, and they will be a source of growth, change and test our determination and courage. There is nothing fixed in the world, as well as our mistakes and troubles. If we show some determination and perseverance challenges that come our way, and keep your eyes open, is what we’re looking for.

6. Your attitude
If there is anything significant that no one can take from you is the way you choose to react to what others are saying about you or make you. Even if you do not understand it, you have the freedom to choose the approach you may take in different circumstances. Positive selection has to come to understand that although it is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, it is impossible to find it elsewhere. We source from which emerge comments, and the approach we take is our choice. We can be serious and justified complaints about what other people have done for us and how it negatively affected our lives, but if left us some freedom, after difficult experiences of life, is the freedom to decide which way and our responses.


7. The ability to spread love and kindness
The index of life and happiness lies not in what we have gained, but rather what they gave. Charity, kindness and grace can be embodied with a smile, a listening ear and hand helps, and there are many acts of giving cost nothing, and need not be reserved for loved ones and closest to you. Many people refrain from expressing explicit word “happiness” as a goal of life, but this is not a goal naive or impossible. It is a journey in which you participate are C”tzrcnim “My husband and Business” – spread the love and your grace, and gain a sense of identity.

8. Your Hope
If they ask you what it depresses and drops you emotionally, may you answer these burdens and the burdens you carry with you, but the fact is the way you carry them. The biggest obstacle facing people and purpose in life, is the level of its readiness to act for her in hope. Especially in times of hardship and despair, the little voice in your head that says “maybe”, and “possible”, is a voice of hope, the power that drives the life, love and our future, and is essential to our survival.


9. Your wisdom and experience
Wisdom and experience are the result of long and come in face of life’s experiences as a loss, challenges and overcoming obstacles. Even if we moved adolescence, our growth never stops, and as we maintain openness to change will maintain our youthful spirit. Our success planted the seeds of our past failures, because the experience is giving us the insight and power to act differently, then the next time cry the conclusion of a loved one, you know that she planted the seeds of love and following your best. Even if it is difficult, try not to regret the attempts of going through, even if These are people who were negative. Ultimately this is the source of your growth.

10. The choice to move on
Do not let past mistakes and relationships ended destroy your future, and learned to put the limit pain and damage or failure of a person can sow in your life. The lesson learned, experienced loss, mourning him and then found the point to say “enough” and move on. Forgiveness and reconciliation will come in stages and be covered if you allow them a grace and not be afraid of them. Forgiveness does not mean to justify injustice and pain, but it is the primary way our freedom and liberation, and is not dependent apology from the offending. When we are ready to move on in our lives, we are giving ourselves the vote of confidence in our ability to overcome, grow, and be happy. Scars remind us where we were, but where we go.