10 classic cocktail recipes nonalcoholic versions – by Doron Lehrer

When it comes to alcohol and alcoholic beverages, cocktails are probably the best representatives of the world of glamour in the field: colorful, sweet, charmingly decorated and loved by many around the world. We also love to enjoy and spend time with a cocktail in hand, but we often find ourselves in situations that drinking a cocktail containing alcohol is prohibited on us. For example, when we drivers on duty, or when we are in health hazards that prevents it, or simply when the next morning we have an important meeting, and we do not want to get drunk and wake up with a hangover. so what are we doing? The celebration and giving up favorite cocktail? no and no! We gathered 10 cocktail recipes and the most beloved classic, original versions, ease of preparation and nonalcoholic. Try them and you will see that you will enjoy them as much, if not more.

Great sangria cocktail recipe without alcohol
Spanish sangria cocktail is a classic and very loved by combining red wine with orange juice and fresh citrus variety. The following version you can prepare a delicious sangria and sweet without the use of wine at all.

7b547442-86cf-4b76-ac30-f09c96a058b0Image source: Roberto Faccenda

Non-alcoholic sangria components:
Water – 2 cups (boiling)
Black tea – two teapots
Cinnamon – 2 (sticks)
Sugar – ½ teaspoon
Pomegranate juice – 3 cups
Orange juice – 1 cup (freshly squeezed)
Orange – 1 (size medium, sliced thinly)
Lemon – 1 (size medium, sliced thinly)
Lime – 1 (size medium, sliced thinly)
Apple – 1 (medium, cut into small cubes and without core)
Soda – 3 cups

Methods of making non-alcoholic sangria:
Place the tea bags with two cinnamon sticks in a jug.
Pour the hot water into the pot with tea and cinnamon sticks and wait five minutes.
Remove tea bags, add the sugar and stir until it is completely melt.
Now add the pomegranate juice, orange juice, slices of orange, lemon, lime and apple.
Place the jar in the refrigerator for at least one hour, or overnight, if possible.
Not yet serving, pour in soda and stir.
Served in glasses with ice.

Pina Colada recipe refreshing drink without alcohol
We always make this cocktail a pleasant feeling of freedom and liberation, so no wonder it is one of the world’s most common and sellers. The original version contains rum with coconut milk and pineapple juice, but we are of course available to you here in the alcohol-free version, but no less tasty.


Pina Colada components:
Bananas – 2 (maturity)
Pineapple – 1 cup (chopped cubes)
Pineapple juice – 1 cup
Coconut milk – ½ cup
Ice – 2 cups
Pineapple – 2 slices (for decoration)

Preparation Pina Colada:
Put into a blender the ice, pineapple juice and coconut milk.
Blend in a blender until the mixture is created you will get a smoother texture, rich and creamy.
Add into the blender bananas and pineapple cubes and blend again until blended.
Pour the mixture into a large glass, put the pussy lips pineapple slices garnish, and serve.

Irish Coffee Recipe delightful drink without alcohol
What could be more delightful combination of sweet cream coffee? That’s what makes this cocktail was invented in Ireland in the 40s, varnish successful and beloved. Here, his alcohol-free version, is simple to prepare and fine not less.


Irish Coffee components:
Black coffee – 1 cup
Lemon juice – 2 tsp
Orange juice – 2 tbsp
Cream – 60 ml
Cocoa powder – 1 tsp

Preparation Irish Coffee:
Mix the coffee, lemon and orange juice in a cup.
Put a spoon over the top layer of the coffee and the tips of her whipped cream.
Move the spoon up and let whipped cream glide and float above the cafe. Do not mix the cream and coffee.

Mai Tai without alcohol – drink recipe from Tahiti far
This cocktail has come to us from Tahiti, where the meaning of the name is “good”, and indeed is so good that he has taken the world by storm and became a cocktail bar served every self-respecting club. You can easily prepare it in your home, and without alcohol, with the following recipe.

7737523e-9553-4cbe-91bb-bd718409f253Image source: Sarah_Ackerman

Mai Tai components without alcohol:
Pineapple juice – 2 cups
Orange juice – 1 cup
Coconut cream – ¼ cup
Ice – 2 tablespoons (Gross)
Orange – one (or sliced pineapple garnish)
Soda – 1 cup

Methods of making non-alcoholic Mai Tai:
Pour all ingredients into a jug and mix well until blended.
Pour the mixture into a cocktail glass.
Garnish the glass with a slice lips orange or pineapple and serve.

Mimosa recipe – a classic cocktail without alcohol
This is a subtle cocktail, classic and beloved, usually served during snack between breakfast lunch. It usually consists of a combination of champagne and orange juice, but thanks to the recipe that we bring out here is so delicious you will not feel absence of champagne.


Mimosa components:
Orange juice – 1½ cups (cold)
Grenadine syrup – ¼ tsp
Ginger ale – 1½ cups
Orange – 4 (slices)
Ice – 3 (cubes)

Preparation of mimosa:
A pot, pour into the glass of orange juice and grenadine syrup and mix well.
Add into the pitcher the ginger ale and continue to mix.
Take a glass of champagne and pour into higher the mimosa. Garnish the glass with a slice of orange lips and filed.

Cuban daiquiri cocktail recipe without alcohol excellent
Refreshing, sweet and very common, this is the Daiquiri, cocktails and favorite old world. The origin of the drink is Cuba, so its base is the Cuban rum sweet, but the following recipe you will find it without liquor, but sweet and tasty just the way you like it.

b13ffe7b-7c88-4de1-8b93-f976fa911e4aImage source: Valters Krontals

Non-alcoholic daiquiri components:
Lime juice – 2 tablespoons (Terry)
Strawberries – 85 g (fresh)
Vanilla – ¼ tsp
Sugar – 1 tsp
Ice – 1 cup (Gross)
Methods of making non-alcoholic daiquiri:
Put into a blender the lime juice, strawberries, vanilla extract and sugar.
Blend well in a blender until the mixture is smooth, then put in blender and blend crushed ice until blended.
Pour into a cocktail glass and serve high.

The famous cocktail recipe for Sex on the Beach without alcohol
Exotic cocktail named seductive become more common in recent years. The source is composed of vodka and schnapps with orange and cranberry juice, but here you’ll get the same version no less fun without liquor.

f635d05e-28f4-46aa-9f60-85d225bb83e6Source Photo: Benjamin Nussbaum

Cocktail components:
Cranberry juice – about ½ cup
Grape juice – about ½ cup
Nectar peaches – ⅓ cup
Candied cherry – 2
Ice – 4 (cubes)
Preparation of Cocktail:
Put the ice cubes into two glasses and pour in the cranberry juice, grape juice and peach nectar equally.
Mix everything well.
Place a candied cherry in each glass and serve with a straw.

Margarita cocktail recipe very refreshing
Legend has it that famous cocktail was first concocted as a combination of tequila with lemon juice for American film actress Marjorie (Margarita) King experienced by a Mexican whom stayed, somewhere in the early 20s of the 20th century. Margarita cocktail has become world-renowned, and here we present to you the same version, and free tequila refreshing.

Margarita components:
Water – ½ cup
Sugar – ½ cup
Lime zest – 2 tbsp
Lemon – 2 tbsp
Lime juice – 1½ cups (fresh)
Lemon juice – ½ cup (fresh)
Orange juice – 4 cups
Honey – 4 tbsp
Lime – 1 (slice garnish)

Preparation margarita:
Put into a small pot of water and sugar and heat over medium heat.
Add to the pot the lemon zest and lime zest.
Bring to a boil and stir well until the sugar dissolves.
Once the sugar has dissolved, removed the pot from the stove and let the mixture cool.
When the mixture comes to room temperature, add into the lime and lemon juice and honey and mix well.
Put the mixture in the refrigerator and allow it to cool for at least two hours or overnight, if possible.
Pour the drink into a low-ball glass, decorate the rim of the glass with a slice of lime, and serve.

Apple martini cocktail recipe for apple juice
Dark martini cocktail known world of glamor. Since its invention in the 70s to the present, is considered upscale cocktail observed many glittering evening events. So, especially for you, the glamorous version and its alcohol-free.

76f2d8f5-545b-41d2-9760-284d2f700bb2Image source: Flavio Ensiki

Apple Martini components:
Apple juice – ½ cup
Sugar syrup – 2 tablespoons
Lemon juice – 1 tbsp
Preparation dark martini:
Fill a shaker with ice, ground.
Add all ingredients into it.
Rattled everything well.
Move the appropriate cup and filed.

Cuban mojito cocktail recipe without alcohol
Once you taste this classic Cuban cocktail, wandering thoughts directly to the shores of the azure Caribbean Sea and sunny, and everything became more relaxed. Even the current version, without the addition of rum characteristic of this drink, he will lift you to your soul.
Cmojito components:
Sprite – ¼1 cups
Lemon juice – 1 ½ tablespoons
Mint – a handful
Ice – 10 (diced)
Sugar – 1½ teaspoons
Water – ½ cup
Preparation Cmojio:
Put into a small pot of water and sugar.
Boil the mixture over medium heat and stir until the sugar melt completely.
Continue cooking over low heat for another half a minute
Removed the pan from the heat and let the sugar syrup to cool and created come to room temperature.
Prepare a cup and put it 7-8 fresh mint leaves, a teaspoon of sugar syrup and lemon juice have been prepared.
Take a spoon and gently click with the mint.
Gently pour the sprite into the glass to fill it up to her lips, then mix well.
Put in the remaining mint leaves and ice cubes, and serve with a slice of lemon into a glass decoration.