Benefits of avocado core – by Rachel Mansharov

While most of us have gotten used to pave the path of the knife around the avocado seeds to useful at the goodness to allow us to remove it and put it in the garbage, or at best make him head of the grass has been shown that quite a few health benefits attributed to the avocado seeds are all his! Despite the surprising news, sounds somewhat problematic because of the hardness of the stone, there is no reason to worry, since you can use it without any problem, and even enjoy a refreshing drink great and will strengthen your body and improve your health. Spent a few minutes of your time to become familiar with the health benefits of avocado pit, and there is no doubt that the next time you cut your favorite fruit, do not throw away the part H”Motrin his “trash.


It turns out that over 70% of total antioxidant capacity attributed to the avocado is actually his sperm is placed into the core, previously used to remove and throw away. Pennsylvania State University recently published a study on the health benefits of avocado seeds, which found that phenol antioxidants are the seed may reduce and avoid high cholesterol, high blood pressure, inflammation and diabetes, as well as strengthen the immune system. In addition, it was found that the seeds contain fungicides and anti-microbial properties. “Every patient must eat avocado attention, including the seed which” argues Dr. Tom Woo, who won the “significant contribution” from the American Cancer Society, and the prize “world famous doctor,” it received from the United Nations thanks to breakthroughs came about Study of cancer and diabetes.


So this is a great opportunity to meet the 5 health benefits of avocado pits.

1. treats infections

Avocado seeds’ ability to reduce inflammation may develop and lead to many chronic diseases such as; Arthritis, heart disease, stroke and even cancer, when these have been linked to inflammation in the body caused by disease. Also, both the avocado seeds and bark contain higher levels of antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables, and their sons materials named catechins (Catechisms) which act as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, treat swelling and maintain joint function.
2. helps the digestive system function
Another purple beans discovered the avocado is the ability to perform miracles in the digestive system, thanks to antioxidants and fiber that are in them. Once you add the avocado seeds in your daily diet menu, your digestive system will undoubtedly grateful, be it stomach problems and infections and whether it is diarrhea.
3. Improves the appearance of the skin
Avocado seeds are the perfect food for your skin! Antioxidants are found in them can rebuild collagen protein that helps in making solid and flexible skin, reducing wrinkles, repair damage caused to cells by free radicals and improve skin appearance and texture in general.

4. contributes to the sense of satiety over time
Avocado seeds are rich in fiber, which can keep you satisfied for long. Moreover, they can help control blood sugar level, and at the moment the blood sugar stable throughout the day, less likely to be tempted to eat unhealthy foods and harmful.


5. destroys cancer cells
In a study conducted at Columbia University in 2013 found that the notes of the avocado seeds were pro-apoptotic effects on leukemia cells. That means this extract causes leukemia cells to self-destruct, leaving the healthy cells in the body and stable. In addition, the avocado seeds contain flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that can prevent the growth and spread of the tumor.

Fresh avocado smoothie
Delicious and healthy smoothies you can make a few moments and enjoy the health benefits of all the wonderful ingredients.

preparation time: 10 minutes
The amount of diners: 1
Difficulty: easy


Avocado shake components:
Nut Milk – 1 cup (can be converted into a glass of water)
Pear – 1
Fresh spinach – 2 handfuls
Avocado – ½
Avocado pits – ½
Apple – ½
Ginger – bit (grated)
Preparation of avocado shake:
Place all ingredients in a blender, scramble them until the mixture is thick, pour the drink into a cup and enjoy the great taste and a hefty dose of health.