When last encountered coloring pages? Most of us meet in this activity with children or grandchildren bring home the artwork prepared by the Department or garden, or in the afternoon where they spend with markers and crayons. The dyeing was considered until recently only activities suitable for children, so many of us do not remember the last time he gave time to sit down and decorate illustrated page. However, it turns out that the activity is beneficial and recommended. Trend indicated for adults is designed to return the coloring pages also our busy schedules, and make the benefits derived by children from the process, those kinds to suit all ages. In the following article you will get to know all the benefits that will make even you adopt the original and creative hobby that, and at the end you will find an entire repository of coloring pages you can print to your home easily and free!

What is the source of a trend indicated for adults?
A few years ago decided Publishing UK spend an experimental edition of the coloring book for adults, and printed 13 thousand copies. The immense popularity of the book surprised everyone, when the number of copies rose to more than 2 million! Mothers, business owners, people who’ve had the disease and more, found the hobby soothing and helpful, and the boosted its adult coloring books first places in the list of best-selling books in the world.

Source: Ariella Czech.
6 benefits you can get points42744074-c593-4524-8e8a-33781cdc0373
1. Reducing pressure
All of us are faced with problems who want to eliminate or reduce stress was happy. The dyeing, including repeated geometric patterns or some proof that relieves anxiety and leads almost meditative process. Concentration we run during the dyeing helps us relax and put their problems aside, so below we are able to look at them more evenly. In fact, a painting technique is outstanding among art therapists, and psychologists even recommend it to their patients.
2. Improving Fine Motor Skills
Proximity screens for a large part of the day, be it a computer or mobile phone that led many of us neglect almost entirely the writing tools and pages. The dyeing makes us go back and use fine motor, which is coupled with the sense of sight operates the two hemispheres of the brain and gives us the strong relationships we’ve stopped exercising can range regularly.

3. Assistance delay memory problems
Painting is one of the most recommended and leisure, for seniors, for formulating new relationships mentioned in the previous paragraph may also help improve memory, and some researchers claim even prevent, memory problems and Alzheimer process in the initial stages.
4. Contribution improve concentration problems
If your attention wanders over and over again throughout the day, you should take a few moments to paint in the evenings or on weekends. Although Hypocrisy is not a very demanding activity, it still requires focus and attention. Mission success helps to practice doing one long, thereby encouraging improvement in other areas that we like less to deal with.

5. Social Activity
In a world where social relations could be hurt or pushed to side, many people use painting as a social activity they can do together. Instead of meeting and watch TV, talk to each other while each of you painting the top of his or while you are painting with a big coloring page. It also formulates and wonderful activities you can do together as a family with children of different ages or just a couple.
6. Self-expression
Painting is actually creating a personal one in the world can perform like you. If you think about it, no one was using exactly the same color and that your technique, and ability to create something new out of nothing lets you express who you are, your mood or thoughts that you do not want to say the words. Just as you could encourage your child’s self-expression, have also invested in yourself.

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