Has always been characterized by ballet dancers uniform look of a body thin and frail physique and subtle, which suits this classic dance genre. Although adherence to one particular body structure, some people, such as young Lizzie Howell, proving not have to go into a certain mold to be successful ballet dancers. With Body uncharacteristic other ballet dancer, Lizzie breaks stereotypes and breaks barriers and images of the body not only for itself but also for other women all over the world.


Ever since she was 5 years old, Lizzie danced ballet with a special passion and never gave up her dream to practice, although that did not seem like the rest of the department.

Lizzie devoted all her energies in learning the subtleties and ballet movements required exacting, and over the years has managed to dance with grace and lightness that would not shame experienced dancers.

Youtube video made by Lizzie, who introduced it makes a “poetic” numerous and precise, revealing talented girl won the world 15 million views.
Lizzie’s popularity began to soar worldwide and is a star of social networks like “Instagram”, which is to upload photos and videos of her dancing and enjoy it.

Lizzie suffers from a disease called Fsaodtomor Tzrbri (Pseudo-tumor cerebra), characterized by symptoms of brain tumor, such as blurred vision and headaches, without having really growing, but still is not giving up on her love of dance and amusement.

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The unique humor of Lizzie brings her sometimes laugh at the stereotypes that people insist paste dancers. She even took a video of her cow costume while jumping up into the air.

Lizzie does not rest on its laurels and it uses its advertising to reinforce positive body images dance and other areas. Step by step, round by round, Lizzie hope to be a positive example for young girls ownership disabilities so that they can break down stereotypes about them and do what they pleased without no one can stop them.

We can only hope the charm that characterizes the dance Lizzie and her personal life continues to make waves in the world and let people think that they can not break through barriers to gallop ahead and strive for success.

Source photos: Instagram