New York is definitely one of the most visited countries in the world on a variety of restaurants, parks, places of entertainment and historical sites which are on every corner. Trips to New York, many people choose to focus on the central city named after, and thus may miss some special sites in nature is a pleasure to explore. To your next trip to New York would be as comprehensive as possible, it is recommended to reach even 10 sites listed below, where you can enjoy picturesque views, images of old and new buildings and see the country side not many people know. – by Rachel Mansharov

1. Lake Placid

lake placid
Essex County, New York, in the Adirondack Mountains, lies the town of Lake Placid she looks as if it was imported directly from Europe. The picturesque little town that attracts tourists from all over the world can enjoy a variety of sports activities in winter and summer. Adirondack Mountains are in the background of the beautiful town of Lake Placid, are the perfect place to walk, which is challenging and stimulating bike tours in the pleasant summer days and winter ski slopes become perfect to enjoy this wonderful winter sport.

2. Ithaca

If you want to combine a trip to natural areas and between urban tour, Ore is the perfect place for you. College town, this is the Finger Lakes region, and is known for two main things: its higher education institutions and the landscape surrounding it which include waterfalls and streams relaxing. When visitors Ore, must not skip a visit to the college named after the town, and at Cornell University in which the famous clock tower has become a major tourist center. After this tour, you can go to the Johnson Museum of Art and wipe tour downtown where there is a shopping mall with shops and charming cafes where you can eat a local meal and enjoy a cup of steaming coffee.

3. Watkins Glen Park

Watkins Glen State Park
Finger Lakes area is it more spectacular site not to be missed, Watkins Glen Park, which is located at the southern end of Seneca Lake. Painted green lake environment for most of the year, and a delight to explore it and along a stream in the center. There is 3 miles long area inside the park, where 19 different waterfalls gurgles can walk alongside them and connect with nature rather than unique. Apart from walking, there are areas where you can splash around in clear water and fishing the local fish special tours dedicated to this purpose.

4. Catskill Mountains

Catskills are within an hour’s drive from New York City, famous mainly because of the Woodstock Festival held in the town in the area in August of 1969. Years after the festival of love and music that people enjoy traveling Catskill and predict natural scenic spot, which features trees in a variety of colors, forest reserve with wildlife and many sites that may be reached in order to participate in winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Among these natural landscapes, there is also an interesting cultural site for walking Hudson School of the Arts, decorated with paintings by local artists add multi-color scene.

5. Hudson Valley

Hudson River Valley
The famous Hudson River in New York surrounded by verdant valley, which stretches for miles and attracts tourists who want to see even nature of their visit to the country. Multi Valley area dedicated to agriculture, which means that you can enjoy fresh agricultural produce and delicious especially with a visit to the valley. The atmosphere rustic and intimate place is reflected in the excellent wineries, private places for cheese production and the markets of the farmers in the area, and when the chefs famous in New York City want to buy quality merchandise, they come from the Hudson Valley, then certainly recommended to taste the produce of the local well-known and tasting of organic products are wonderful.

6. Fire Island

fire island
Near the coast of Long Island, is a small island called “Fire Island” in the name of the adjacent beach. This island is considered to be the perfect place for recreation relaxing, especially during the spring and summer, and you can explore it from the golden beaches renowned sites such as its famous lighthouse. Another famous site is Sankn forest, which has trees submerged in pure emerald water, and can be seen while touring the boulevard beside him.

7. Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands
Close to the border with Canada, is a group of islands known as the “Thousand Islands”, renowned residential and resort as a place of rich and famous people in the world. Wealth is particularly Castle Schuldt instead, which is located at Pier Alexandria and was built by George Schuldt, director of the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. The castle, which began as a small, gradually expanded over the years and has become a symbol of the wealth of a thousand islands, can be seen in sailing boat moving between other houses belonging to the upper class. Such tours are arranged enjoy natural landscapes of the islands and get a peek into the lives of world leaders, certainly know how to show off their wealth.

8. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
You can not talk on a nature tour in New York without mentioning the Niagara Falls, the most famous honeymoon capital of the world. The falls, which are on the border between New York to Canada, rafting throughout the year and create a natural look that must see it at least once in a lifetime. If you are not afraid to get close to the waterfall, you can take part in rented boats rather than run through the heaving seas, especially if you feel daring, you can go to the Cave of the Winds and then ride the elevator to Niagara bridal Will and watch the water go down at closely.

9. Mohonk Preserve

Mohonk Preserve
All fans of hiking and climbing height, Mohonk Nature Reserve is the perfect place to enjoy these stimulants, for which you can choose from more than 1,000 climbing routes and different. Views are seen from the reserve are well worth the climb, which can be effortlessly at times, but it pays off when you can see the variety of colors of the trees and the famous Hafaltz’im area close to the State of New York.

10. Central Park

Central Park‬
The most famous park in New York, spreads over an area of more than 3 kilometers, is considered a unique gem in the busy state. Central Park, which is in the center of Manhattan, is planned park was the first in the United States, and as the years have added to it various characteristics such as special paths for pedestrians, carriages and cyclists in place. The park has tens of thousands of trees that create avenues colorful and breathtaking, 36 bridges are unique and magic unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

So as I understand, the state of New York has a lot more to see than skyscrapers and city buildings drab. Nature surrounding area is stunningly beautiful, and your next visit in New York recommended, please look at him, too. Every season a year you will find what to do there, and no doubt you will return such vacation with memories much more varied and colorful.